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      Would like to congratulate Jacob Harvey

Many congratulations to Jacob on achieving two silver medals
at this years European Wado championships held in Switzerland 
Jacob won silver in both Kata and kumite

An excellent effort, as this was his first attempt
 at competing at European level.

ColinClapperton awarded presentation

Colin Clapperton was awarded a plaque in recognition and appreciation of the training he provided whilst on a recent trip to Wado Karate Boynton in the U.S.A

  Wado - Karate -
Boynton  Florida.

Click on the Image below to go to the Boynton Karate Club web site

Boynton Head instructor Anton Phillips (Left)

Some photographs of Wado Karate Boynton
Have recently been added to our gallery

 Wado Karate Boynton Florida

In 2015 we had the pleasure to welcome 
some of the Karateka from Wado Karate Florida 
whom we hope enjoyed their
visitation to Scotland

  Instructor Colin Clapperton 8th Dan
 Meets Judo Supremo George Kerr, CBE. 10th Dan

Our Visiting Friends From Canada
We have Photographs from a technical course
held for visiting Wado Kai Karateka From Canada
Which can be Viewed on our Gallery Page

Results from Karate events

To see a comprehensive list of recent competition results
we recommend you to visit the S.K.F results page

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Tatsuo Suzuki

1928 - 12th July 2011

    Please take the time to visit our Tatsuo suzuki  page
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Hirinori Ohtsuka

Also We have a must see video of Hirinori Ohtsuka
on our Wado Kai Page

Wado Kai

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